Best and affordable Dental Clinics in Dubai

The authoritative dental clinics in Dubai offer wide ranges of dental treatments. Whichever be the clinic that you have planned to visit, everyone will demonstrate the best commitment to their duties and would do with extreme professionalism. These clinics have made them trustworthy with the commanding quality of dental care in Dubai.

Since all of these clinics are striving to be acknowledged as the best dental clinic in Dubai, they never make any compromise over quality. At the same time, all the charges are kept at a competitive level. The teams associated with them are trained to provide passionate care to every patient.


Easy Dental :  With latest dental treatment and dental care in Dubai


Easy Dental ae is one of the leading dental clinics in the state of Dubai. The clinic offers top-notch treatment over dentistry in the country. From the four branches that are located in the Al Karama, Al Rigga, Al Satwa and Sheikh Zayed Road, they provide the latest dental treatment to all the ailing.

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They have an expressed mission. They believe that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, they like that the ailment comes to them before it becomes too grave. The professional team associated with them is confident to provide optimum dental care. From the simplest dental check-up in Dubai, the level of treatment goes up to the complex restorative and cosmetic dentistry. The services are also offered at the most affordable prices.


  • The expert team, on their way to provide exceptional service, pays attention to the intricate details. 
  • This type of attitude guides the mind to come out with the best shots. 
  • The treatments that are offered here starts with Dental Cleaning that comprises Scaling and Setting of teeth, 
  • The job of Teeth Bonding is performed with the application of the cosmetic contouring process. 
  • Through minor contouring and polishing, small chips and fractures in teeth are levelled. 
  • This also acts in reshaping pointy teeth and redefining flat and worn-out teeth.  
  • Teeth whitening and Cosmetic Braces are the other services that this clinic provides.


Best Dentist : Works with passionate and optimum dental care in Dubai 


The modern dental clinic in Dubai that provides the best treatment with the latest and improved practices is the Best Dentist. The management of the clinic proudly denounces the availability of the best kind of Dentist in Dubai here. The specialist team receives parties with passionate and optimum care.

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The location of the clinic is between the Al Fahidi Metro Station and Union Metro Station, one of the most renowned juncture of the city. The company keeps itself open on Fridays too. 

  • The patients love the place as their friend in crises due to the friendly attitude of the staff working at the place. 
  • The clinic is offering the highest level of services. 
  • The dental service that is provided here includes dental implant, braces, teeth whitening and root canal treatment
  • The company is striving to boost the quality of dental care in Dubai. 
  • Passionate attention to the patient has helped create fame for the patients in the country. Besides the Union branch at Al Rigga, the clinic has a branch at Al Karama too. 
  • From their belief that people have the right to proper treatment has made them the best.


Vanilla Smiles : Best dental clinic with high quality dental care in Dubai

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Worry about having quality dental treatment in Dubai? Visit Vanilla Smiles – one of the top-level private dental clinics that have engaged the best kind of Dentists available in the country. The clinic assures you about providing high-quality dental care. The services offered at the clinic can be accessed at the best prices.

The expert team of medical specialists can comfortably arrange passionate and superior care for the patients. 

  • Their effort is also facilitated by the modern and state of the art infrastructure.
  • The various level of care that is provided here include Braces, general and cosmic dentistry, root canal treatments, white fillings, dental implants, and teeth whitening.
  • The clinic is located next to the Burjuman Metro Station Exit 1, at 2nd St, 306, Khalid Al Attar Building, Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road, Dubai. 
  • There is a mall in Barjuman which is situated diagonally opposite the building of Vanilla. The company provides a warm and befriended environment for efficient work and visitors’ comfort. 
  • With the mission to bring about prolonged smile in the face of people, the team is approaching towards the coming period.  


Dental Lounge : Top notch dentist with tailored plans in Dubai

Besides offering specialized treatment in the general dentistry, the esteemed teeth clinic in Dubai is also known as the Braces clinic in Dubai. The orthodontic treatment that this clinic provides, enables the patient to land with a smile that represents its type.

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The principles of orthodontic treatment involve the correction of crooked teeth and jaws. Your age is less important than having the proper number of teeth, therefore, adults of any age can avail the facility of this treatment.

  • The clinic has gained popularity due to its ability to engage top-notch dentists and the warm welcoming atmosphere where the visitors feel at home. 
  • The individually tailored plans for dental treatment have helped in bringing simplification and allowed to offer heals at the economized cost.
  • The management of the clinic is guided by the principle that allows the giver to offer at an exceeding range than the expectation of the takers. 
  • The expert team at the place is trained to provide unparalleled services. 
  • They pay acute attention to minute details and demonstrate a passion for excellence. 
  • The centre at 118, Al Attar Centre, Karama remains open on weekdays, extended weekdays and even on the weekends.


Comparison of Best and affordable Dental Clinics in Dubai


  1. The Dental Lounge has expressively spoken in favour of the facility of Braces. Braces are bonding in teeth that help the teeth to be in the required setting. It also ensures that each row of the teeth contains a proper number of teeth, Orthodontic treatment constitutes binding with braces. 
  2. These braces can be made of metal, ceramic materials, and aligners. Application of advanced technology in the making of the instruments has made the entire process painless.
  3. Vanilla Smiles have stressed over having a smart team of efficient dentists. It is amazing to see that how best dental practitioners and surgeons have assembled in the clinic. 
  4. The team is made out of those highly trained specialists who, besides providing the best kind of treatment, can also provide absolute care to teeth across phases of dentistry.
  5. The team of experts in Best Dentist LLC has a wide realm of expertise across divisions of dentistry. 
  6. Thus, the clinic has aimed to provide traditional treatment through the usage of advanced technology and methods. Almost every section of dentistry is handled with equal expertise in the clinic. 
  7. These include General Dentistry, Implants, Teeth Whitening and the use of cosmetic braces. The percentage of healing is very high too. This along with the affordable cost has made the clinic one of the best in Dubai.
  8. The feature of Easy Dental is their level of dentistry. The clinic is furnished with lately invented tools. The doctors use innovative technologies while treating their patients. 
  9. The management puts stress over the continuation of education. They also encourage the research process that helps in bringing about inventive products to stay ahead in the competition.



The clinics whose features and specialties have discussed so far have some points in common. From the detailed study of each institution, it is evident that each of these has uniform look-out for dignity and worth of their client. Each of the clinics strives to offer the best level of customer service and the service is backed up by an experienced and trained team of experts. 

They all know that patients look for aesthetics in their setting of teeth. Therefore, they use the best of their talent to achieve that. All of them have attempted to keep the price of their services at an affordable level to stay competitive in the market.



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