Myths About Root Canal Treatment That You Need To Ignore

A root canal is a widely used procedure that is used to treat an infected tooth. This root canal treatment has become necessary when the pulp becomes infected due to deep decay or a crack in the tooth. If it is left untreated or we can say if the treatment gets delayed due to some reason then the infection can get worst and sometimes, the tooth may actually have to be pulled out in a surgery.

Common myths about root canal treatment that some of the patients believe but are not true as per the Pinoy Dentist in Dubai are listed below. Have a look!

A root canal “kills” the tooth.

A root canal treatment doesn’t kill a tooth instead it cleans the inside of the tooth to allow it to heal.

The procedure is not very successful.

As per the reports, it has been observed that the root canal procedures have about 95% success rates. All you need to do is just ensure that your tooth and surrounding gums are kept healthy; the natural tooth can last for a lifetime.

Root canal treatment is painful.

This is not true as the root canal treatment is virtually pain-free. In fact, it relieves pain as it extracts the pulp which is the main source of pain. Advancements in training, equipment, technology, and anesthesia make the treatment painless and it’s not what they used to be earlier.

It requires several visits to the dental clinic.

Most of the people think that tooth extraction is better than the root canal treatment. But when asked to the dentists in Dubai, they revealed that this is not true. The extraction needs a dental implant. And if you opt for a tooth extraction then you need to make several visits to the dentists. Root canal treatment usually requires 1 to 2 visits.

Root canal treatment causes illness.

There are some people in Dubai who believe that the root canal treatment causes other illnesses throughout the body. But this is not true and is just a myth that took place almost a century ago. In fact, the root canals procedures are done to remove bacteria from the infected part of the mouth. It helps in fighting the infection and keeping your teeth & gums healthy.Looking out for the endodontists in Dubai to get your root canal treatment done? Then, count on the services offered by Best Dentist LLC.


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