Comprehensive Dental Examinations

Best Dentist LLC, Dubai: A relevant medical and dental history and discussion of our patients’ concerns and objectives are things that make our comprehensive dental examination. It includes a digital x-rays (dental radiographs), periodontal analysis, soft tissue analysis, oral cancer screening, and evaluation of the temporomandibular (jaw) joints and associated musculature of the masticatory system. First of all, area of concerns are identified by is and than a plan of treatment is formulated that is based on the needs of patients and ideal objectives. Our objectives are to build a treatment platform that is based on the sound foundations-infection. Firstly, the pain is managed and then dental cavities and then finally the cosmetic surgery is carried out.

Restorative and Cosmetic

White Fillings: Using composite resins, we restore decayed teeth. For ‘instant smile makeover’ cosmetic resins is one of the most promising techniques. It is used for many purposes like correcting broken or misshaped teeth and to close the gaps between the teeth. Also, this technique is use to convert black silver fillings to white tooth colored aesthetic fillings.

To replace the badly broken tooth and to create the white replicas of the exact tooth, inlays and onlyas (composite/porcelain) are used.

Best Dentist Dubai aim at providing the best cosmetic Recontouring (simple and superficial reshaping) of teeth and gums lift.

Periodontal Care

We at Best Dentist perform supra and subgingival scalping, periodontal dressings, flap surgery and minor bone grafting. We also do oral health counseling to stop bad oral habits. Also, we correct gum line and lengthen teeth that appear very small.

Endodontics Services

Root Canal Treatment: Any injury to the tooth or the tooth decay can destroy the living pulp. Dead pulp is more prone to infection and can lead to abscess and toothache. This problem can be treated well with root canal treatment (RCT). With the treatment, the infection is cleared out and the extremely thin canals are treated with X Smart and standard guttapurchaobturation techniques.

Surgical Apicectomy: When there is severe infection and one third of the tooth is spoiled, in that case RCT fails. This condition can be treated with the procedure called surgical apicectomy. The root end tip and the surrounding bone is cleaned and medicated.

Oral Surgery

Simple and Surgical Extractions: In case the tooth is badly damaged or decayed or may have become loose because of gum diseases then it might require oral surgery. Sometimes, the wisdom tooth has to be surgically extracted. Best Dentist provides with the best oral surgery to our patients and treats any kind of oral problem.

Oral surgery is sometimes used to extract out the milk teeth in order to help adult tooth grow straight. But it should be avoided. Our first aim is to save teeth.


  • Comprehensive examinations with diagnostic x-ray
  • Oral hygiene and dietary advice
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Fissure sealants for children
  • Mouth guards for sport
  • Splints for teeth grinding at night

Prosthetic Services

Denture: In case a single tooth is missing, partial denture is used. When it is required to replace all the missing natural teeth, complete denture is used.

Traditionally, they were made up of acrylic or there is a complete acrylic teeth set on a light metal alloy base. The second one is more secure and less bulky. But, it is comparatively more expensive. The Best Dentist provide with the flexible denture that is unbreakable and convenient.

Cosmetic Crowns and Bridges

Veneers may not be a good idea in case your teeth are broken completely. In this case, porcelain crowns provide greater strength and durability than veneers. With latest technology, Best Dentist offer ‘Metal Free’ ceramic crowns that are more aesthetics than the porcelain fused metal crown used earlier. The missing tooth can be replaced with metal free (CERCON/PROCERA/LAWA) bridges that are virtually impossible to distinguish from the natural teeth.

Emergency Care

  • Extraction and root canal treatment
  • Management of toothaches and wisdom tooth pain
  • Management of dental trauma