Teeth always play an essential and integral part when we smile.  A nice set of teeth not only enhances our smile but beautifies it from every angle.  Thus to take good care of them we all visit dentists on a regular basis to keep them checked and healthy.  We’re offering dental treatment that fits your budget perfectly with a variety of quality proven treatment all under one roof.  The modern and more advanced dental facility offered by Best Dentist is of world class quality and services that are of top notch for all ages.

The Best Dentist offers different kinds of services and providing good quality of braces for the patients is one of the most important ones amongst others.  They are well known in providing a different set of braces starting from metal to the indivisible ones with a different price range from high to mid and mid to low.  The different types of braces that we provide:

  •    Metal Braces

Using traditional metal brace is one of the most common of all others.  The Best Dentist team is good at providing these metal braces of good quality made out of stainless steel.  The option of customization with use of different color is also available. Metal brackets are used in order to straighten the teeth in use along with wires to keep them fixed at one place.

  •    Self-Ligating Braces

These are commonly used that does not require elastic.  They come with ceramic or clear brackets. Specialized clips are used to elastic to help the archwire guide the teeth in place.  This type of braces requires less adjustment.

  •    Clear Braces

Clear or invisible braces are very much in trend and have got clear aligners and comfortable acrylic trays.  Easy to use and remove along with comfortability for brushing and flossing as well. Using these braces is easy and requires minimal effort.

  •    Lingual Braces

These braces remain behind the teeth and are comfortable to use.  Due to this reason, these braces are the most preferred one. These can be customized as per requirement.

If you’d like to see the types of braces we offer at BEST DENTIST LLC ‘in the flesh’, get in touch to book your free, no-obligation consultation. Or, connect with our website to find more information on all the braces and treatments we offer.


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