What Kind of Dentist Do You Type?

Talking about the types of dentists, you might consider your family dental office best for all problems. But actually, there are different dentists for different oral issues. Professional help of dentist expands farther than one thinks. A general dentist is just one specialist in the field. There several other types of dentists that you need to know other than just a dental clinic at Rigga.

1. General Dentist

If you are visiting Rigga dentist regularly then you should definitely know about this category. He is known as family dentist and takes care of your dental health on a regular basis. This is the most common type of dentist you may found. They are also responsible for restorative oral care such as curing clipped teeth, treating tooth decay, teeth whitening and fixing missing teeth.

2. Orthodontist

If you are going for braces Al Rigga you may know them as the when who fix crooked teeth. But there job is much more than that. They are basically concerned with righting misaligned teeth and other supporting facial structure. They can also help you with cheap braces. It simply means they work improve bites and give you a beautiful smile.

3. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

They focus on the hard and soft tissues found in and around the mouth. They perform more invasive surgery than all other dental professionals. If you are in the search of best dentist Al Rigga, then they might help you. Cancerous tissue extraction is also one of their jobs.

4. Peroidontist

They are concerned with preventing, diagnosing and treating gum issues. Their job is to treat all type of gum problems from minor to extreme gum inflammation. They also install dental implants and also perform cosmetic skin surgery.


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