Why Choose Damon Braces Over Regular Braces?

When we talk about using Damon braces over regular braces, there are a lot benefits that come along with that. In fact, it can be said that if you are looking for the best braces in Dubai, they are the best kind you might go for. Damon braces are more than just braces. It is a philosophy of orthodontic treatment. These types of braces are self ligating brace brackets. It means that the wire moving the tooth is held in place by a gate on the braces. This makes the brace a tunnel and the wire passes through it. There are a number of benefits to choose Damon braces over regular braces. We are going to discuss a few of them.

1. Latest in Orthodontic Technology

It can be considered as the best orthodontic treatment that is available. Damon braces is only passive, self-ligating bracket system available in the market. It means that it is patented system, allowing minimal in between the wire and the bracket slot.

2. Unique ‘Regular’ Braces

They might also be termed as unique regular braces. This is the best reason that why they are the belkst Dubai braces. They are regular braces that do not require elastics to get the wires to stay. The forces exerted are essentially identical and better. They are more convenient and efficiency is huge through.

3. Maintains the Shape Better

This is another top reason that makes it the best Dubai braces. Within the Damon System, total respect is paid to the tiny blood vessels. Through the use of self-ligation brackets and super elastic archwires, they maintain the constant movement and thus provide a better shape. Therefore, this reason becomes the greatest reason to choose Damon System over regular braces and give your teeth the shape you always desired.


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