Why Choose Us

Our vision is to provide efficient and quality healthcare in patient cantered environment. Located in the most prestigious location in Dubai, Best dentist, Dubai is a private dental clinic. We are situated in a comfortable and state-of-the-are premise in Dubai and believe in delivering highest standards of patient care. Best Dentist offers an extensive range of diagnostic services and treatment. We know the importance of a beautiful smile and thus believe in maintaining it.

At Best Dentist Al Rigga, our caring and dedicated team of Al Rigga dentist carry out dental procedures to very high standards and quality using the state of art materials and dental equipments.

We are proud to have Dr Riza, Dr Lilia (Philippines dentist), the best Filipino dentist Dubai. With over 7 years of experience, Dr Riza is one of the most caring pinoy dentist.

Being the nearest dentist Al Rigga metro station and union metro this Filipino dental clinic carry out top dental treatments. Best dental Al Rigga is the best provider for orthodontic services Al Rigga and known for affordable and cheap braces Al Rigga. If you are looking for having the Braces Al Rigga we will provide you the best price and quality.

Best dentist is known for its credibility and years of quality dental services providing dentist in Al Rigga. This clinic gives you the best dentist Al Rigga area of UAE.

Our kabayan dentist Al Rigga and the Indian dentist are known for their skills and care provided. We believe that our popularity as the in dentist Al Rigga has to do with the quality of care we have provided throughout these years.

Quality is something that we mostly aim at. We deliver the quality treatment and other dental care services to our patients. We believe in delivering high quality and safe dental services. Our team of well educated doctors, with a well-trained staff, looks after the quality facilities provided to all the patients. We strive to improve the quality of care and service that we provide, through a patient-focused process continuous improvement. We work with our core belief of treating our patients with complete care and professionalism.

Our staff of trained members makes sure that each and every patient at our clinic gets the best care and quality services. We define quality as a comprehensive look at each and every aspect of patient’s experience. Also, we provide family dental services. Being among the top dental clinic in Dubai, we understand the value of quality and thus deliver the best.

This is first and the foremost practice that we go with. We work with the aim of safety of our patients and thus, sterilization and disinfection is our first concern. The highest standards of disinfection, sterilization and cleanliness are maintained at our practice. Best Dentist clinic abides by the international sterilization protocols recommended by Oral Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), USA and Centre of disease control (CDC), Dubai

The Best Dentist, Dubai makes sure that you are treated in a safe and clean environment. Our staff is well trained in sterilization and cross infection control procedures. All instruments, used by us, are autoclaved in special sealed sterilization pouches. We have class B autoclave sterilization that complies by the American Dental Association standards. We always use disposable gloves, masks and eyewear to prevent any cross infection. Thus you can surely rely on all our services.